Cover - Velcro - ST40 (13M) - Colour

Article number: 10117164

Includes :

  • Cover with velcro closing 
    • High quality fabric (see specs below)
    • Waterproof sealed stitching lines
    • Hooks outside for fixation of removable banner
    • Hooks inside for fixation of electrical cable
    • Reinforced metal ring in top for easy and secure fitting of pole on cover
    • Good looking and strong aluminium casted shoes for connection to stakes. 
    • X-strong Velcro for fixation of side walls (easy mounting and dismounting of walls; long endurance)
  • Bag with handgrips for frequent and professional use
  • Measuring cable


  • 100% polyester 
  • Fire retardant, waterproof coating, uv protection, 

Fire certificate
Download the fire certificate in PDF

Standard available colours  : (for large quantities (>10 pieces, colour on demand possible)

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